Good day

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of PRTL Tracker to the general public. Well general public is not really the correct term as we focus on personnel working in the Health Care Sector that are or need to register with the local Social Care Council.

What is PRTL Tracker?

PRTL is an acronym for "Post Registration Training and Learning" and is developed by an independent web application developer that is working as a Care Assistant.

PRTL Tracker is a free tool to assist personnel to keep track of their training and learning activities and print a summary in the correct format for inserting as part of their registration renewal process.

The developer is based in Northern Ireland and if anything is different for any of the other Social Care Councils, please contact us using the "Contact Us" page on the website about the differences so we can update the site as necessary.

PRTL Tracker on your mobile

The PRTL Tracker can also be accessed via a mobile to allow an easy "on the run" method of managing the training records.
The mobile version has the added functionality to keep track of hours / shifts worked. Particular useful for Domiciliary Care Assistants. The functionality will be expanded to the main website and eventually include the functionality to print a time sheet.

Promote PRTL Tracker

Please visit PRTL Tracker and download a copy of the flyer that can be printed and distributed in your workplace.

Future expansion

To assist Employers to support their employees to meet there PRTL requirements we might add the ability for "Managers" to access the training records of their staff in the feature. It depends if there would be such a requirement.

Although it is the responsibility of the individual registrant to reach the training requirement, employers have the responsibility for ensuring their staff keep their training current and relevant to their role. (NISCC Code of Practice for Employers)

If any one at your workplace can write articles on any relevant subject related to Health Care we would appreciate it if they can contact us. They will need to register with PRTL Tracker and we will give them access to the part of the website where they can submit articles. These articles can be part of the personnel training and learning activities.

Advertise on PRTL Tracker

Any service provider / company or organization that has anything to do with the Health Care industry can apply for an advertisement on PRTL Tracker. These advertisements will be in the form of a graphic and will be displayed either on the right hand side or footer of selected pages. More information here.

What PRTL Tracker is not.

PRTL Tracker is not affiliated with any of the Social Care Councils in any way nor with any Care Group or Nursing home and should not be marketed as such. PRTL Tracker is simply a tool to manage your own personal training records.

What PRTL Tracker will not do.

PRTL Tracker will never ask any of its members for their passwords by email nor will it sell or give away any email addresses or personal information to any third party unless instructed to do so by a court order.

Where did we get your email address?

We compiled a list of email addresses by painstakingly searching the Internet for email addresses that are available on contact forms and other websites. We hate spam as much as everyone else. If you do not want to receive any future newsletter you can click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter. Unsubscribe is immediate and you will receive no further email from us.

Please forgive us if this email is not relevant to your position. May I ask you to print or forward this newsletter to the relevant person.


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